mootstech is specialised in digital transformation projects and cloud development.


We create more value in less time.

moots technology has an extensive expertise in digitisation projects by process optimisation through custom software. For the development, modern, cloud-ready, architecture frameworks are utilised.

This accelerates projects and reduces start investments.



1. Know-How of workflows

Long time experience in digital transformation by standardising and optimising processes for operational efficiency.

2. Know-How of usability and user experience (UX)

With certified usability engineers we agilely optimise graphical user interfaces and workflows to suit different devices and user groups.

3. Know-How in software development

We utilise readily available, modern and secure, cloud based architecture frameworks for custom enterprise software and mobile app developments. So your project has always a highly available, reliable and scaleable modern software architecture as its solid foundation. And with our excellent agile usage requirements analysis process and a high focus on user centred design and usability (UX) and by utilising professional methodology of computer sciences and structured work processes, we deliver your project and business value on time and on budget.

We employ highly skilled software architects and developers. Therefore, we can offer a huge expertise in state of the art backend technologies (as e.g. Java JEE, .NET, Spring Boot, Micro Services, SOAP and REST, Spring, Hibernate, JPA, SQL, NoSQL), in modern frontend web technologies (Angular, Typescript, Ionic, HTML5), as well as utilising up to date tools for testing, automated deployment, continuous delivery and scaleable cloud infrastructure (for example Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Kubernetes, Azure and AWS).

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Digitisation projects and creation of digital products overseas. More than 45,000 daily users on our management tools.


Our story in South Australia begins here...

Release of the iOS app 'toldu' for technology independently informing many about events

Three team members become AWS Solutions Architects


Release of the Android app 'toldu' for technology independently informing many about events