mootstech is specialised in digital transformation projects and cloud development.


Our passion is to solve your digitisation challenges efficiently so you can focus on your business needs.

Our cloud native approach helps you accelerate your ideas and proof of concepts.

The use of these agile methodologies enable you to determine faster and more informed outcomes to your projects.

"Every day, our clients face digitisation challenges. To solve those efficiently in the best possible way is what defines us."

Our team is made up of varying backgrounds, rich in expertise, and passionate about understanding you and your needs. Understanding how technology can create more value and enable better outcomes for your business is what drives us.

We have an extensive expertise in digital transformation projects optimising management processes for operational efficiency. The resulting custom software solutions are based on modern cloud-ready architecture frameworks running on-premise or AWS cloud native stacks.

We accelerate projects, reduce initial investment and save you time.



1. Know-How of workflows

Long time experience in digital transformation by standardising and optimising processes for operational efficiency.

2. Know-How of usability and user experience (UX)

Certified usability engineers design graphical user interfaces and optimise screens to support the goals of each user group and their workflows on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

3. Know-How in software development

We bring decades of expertise in classic and modern software architecture and agile development for enterprise solutions, web applications and multi platform mobile apps. In our standardised but flexible usage requirements analysis processes with high focus on user centred design and usability (UX), we put the user first - straight from start.

4. Know-How in AWS cloud architecture

Whether solutions are required to run on-premise or in a cloud, we utilise instant available, modern and secure, cloud-ready architecture frameworks for the development. Additionally we create cloud-native software solutions utilising the AWS cloud stack. Those solutions are highly available, reliable and scaleable by default. Furthermore, a cloud native approach accelerates rapid prototyping for gaining user feedback much sooner when testing the market.

moots technology works with highly skilled software architects and developers. Therefore, we can offer a huge expertise in state of the art backend technologies (as e.g. Java EE, .NET, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, JPA, SOAP and REST, SQL, NoSQL, and Micro Services). Furthermore, we develop mobile and desktop solutions in modern web frameworks (Angular, Typescript, Ionic) as well as utilising up to date tools for code testing, automated quality testing and deployment, continuous delivery and scaleable cloud infrastructure (for example Gitlab CI, Docker, Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud). Our DevOps service includes infrastructure as a code management with Terraform.

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Company founded in grandpa's garage in Germany

MR Orga, the first market research fieldwork management software, was developed and released

First customer in Germany

CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interview) interface between MR Orga and Sawtooth Technologies, Northbrook/USA


Moved office from garage to shared office space in Luenen technology centre


Moved office to Westfalenallee 251 in Dortmund/Germany

Company run-e Software & Consulting was founded

CATI interface between MR Orga and GESS, cooperation with GESS, Hamburg/Germany


Achieved Scrum Master and Scrum Product Owner certifications in team


CATI interface between MR Orga and Voxco, cooperation with Voxco, Montreal/Canada

Opened a South European business development branch, Munich/Germany


First customer in Spain

CATI interface between MR Orga and SPSS Quancept

CATI interface between MR Orga and Ingress, cooperation with Ingress, Hamburg/Germany

Technology cooperation with itemis, Germany

Elimination of internal IT server infrastructure and move to a fully virtual environment in a data centre

Presentation of worlds' first market research management app for iOS devices at Research & Results trade show, Munich/Germany


First customer in Switzerland


CATI and CAPI interfaces between MR Orga and Askia, cooperation with Askia, Paris/France

CATI interface between MR Orga and NEBU, cooperation with NEBU, Amsterdam/The Netherlands


First customer in The Netherlands


First customer in Norway

CATI interface between MR Orga and SPSS Dimensions / IBM Data Collection / Unicom Intelligence

First customer in UK


Cloud ready architecture framework and demo web application for resource bookings released


First client in Denmark

Technology cooperation with Conciso, Dortmund


Technology cooperation with Loftus IT, Adelaide/Australia


First client in Australia

Elimination of the virtual IT infrastructure and move production workload into AWS cloud

Moved office to Pariser Bogen 7 in Dortmund/Germany


Our story in South Australia begins here...
moots technology was founded as a technology spin off in Adelaide, Australia.

Moved office to 54 Hyde St, Adelaide CBD

Release of the iOS app 'toldu' for technology independently informing many about events

Achieved AWS Solutions Architect certifications in advisory and development team


Release of the Android app 'toldu' for technology independently informing many about events

Joined AWS Partner Network

The most efficient timesheets solution, Ted, is available for preview.


The most efficient timesheets solution, Ted, is available for public preview.